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BULAGRO 97 - Breeding of commercial layers

BIG DUTCHMANHousing, feeding, climate control, and circular economy

HUVEPHARMA - Pharmaceuticals and feed additives

AGROCONSULT ENGINEERING - Sanovo Technology equipment for poultry farms


EUROMARKETFarming equipment and diesel generators

CYMEDICAMSD Animal Health veterinary products, technologies, and services

O&M ENGINEERING - Equipment design, manufacturing, and assembly

TINOX - Solutions for biosecurity and farming automation

GRADUS - Breeding of broilers, poultry meat, feed, and sunflower oil production

BROTIM - Farming equipment, feed storage, and disinfection equipment

AGROCONSULT - P&S Systems farming solutions


POULTEC - Housing, feeding, and climate control equipment

HL-TOPMIX - Feed production and animal nutrition

BIOCHEM - Feed safety, animal health, and sustainability

MANI SERVICE - Carrier heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration

FARMA SIS - Veterinary pharmaceutical specialists

SERBIAN POULTRY BUSINESS FORUM - Poultry industry organization 


BULGARIAN POULTRY UNION - Representing the interests of the Bulgarian poultry industry

V-KASIS LTD - Elanco veterinary products, feed additives, and medical consumables

FLEXTIM - Farming equipment, automation, robotization, and biosecurity

PICCHI - Design and manufacturing of wire trollies and containers

INVEST BUILDING - Poultry farming equipment including feed, climate, waste, and electrical systems

ASKLEP PHARMAHIPRA animal health, vaccine innovation, and advanced diagnostic services

PULCAP - Pest control and prevention

SAM BS - Boehringer Ingelheim animal health solutions

HARTMANN - Poultry farming and circular economy solutions

INTER CONSULT GROUP - Professional services for realizing EU funded investment projects 

EVAR CID LINES disinfection and cleaning products

UNITED BULGARIAN BANK - Bulgarian commercial bank

ALLTECH - Animal nutrition, health, and feed supplements

RAVAGO - Distribution, resale, and manufacturing of polymers, chemicals, and building materials

GRAINSTORE - Grain storage and supply

UNIPHARMA - Catalysis S.L. animal health and veterinary products

ALSI - IMPEX watering solutions and Stress Lyte Plus probiotics, vitamins, and minerals

NASEKOMO - Insect based food additives and fertilizer

ALIMENTI - Food safety, consultation, and laboratory analysis

BLG  SYSTEM ROBOTIC Robots for poultry farms

SMART ELECTRIX - Consulting, design, and delivery of electrical solutions

ZOOCONSULT - Feed premix and additives

KRKA - Pharmaceutical and animal health products

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