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1. For the duration of Smart Poultry World, BulX provides the Exhibitor with a built or unbuilt-up exhibition space in the form of Economy, Deluxe or All inclusive packages. 

1.1. The following services are included in the Economy price: 

  • Use of unbuilt exhibition space;

  • Use of the common areas of the IEC complex necessary for the Exhibition;

  • Use of general electricity and power supply for the booth space;

  • Use of wireless Internet in the Inter Expo Center complex at a speed of 2 megabits per connected device; 

  • General security during the exhibition's off-hours, pass-through during the preparation and the dismantling of the booths through the "East" checkpoint of the IEC complex;

  • Heating/air-conditioning during exhibitors' working hours;

  • Cleaning, garbage collection and trash removal on the walkways between the booths and other areas in the IEC Complex for general use;

  • Provision of one (1) parking space per EXHIBITOR for the duration of the effective conduct of the Exhibition. If an additional parking space is required, the Exhibitor shall notify BULX in advance of the specific number. There may be an initial fee. 

  • Provision of a carpet for the event if the Exhibitor does not have one of their own.

  • Complimentary guest passes are also included in the silver, gold, platinum and diamond packages. 

  • All special premium packages have marketing and special placement within the exhibition included.

1.2. All Economy services are included in the price for Deluxe, as well as the set-up of a standardised booth structure, 

1.2. All Economy services are included in the price for All Inclusive, as well as the construction of a standardised booth structure, its branding and standard booth furniture. 

1.3. The space shall be given in the form and with the equipment agreed between the parties in accordance with the provisions of these terms

2. BulX shall not be held liable for any exhibits or items taken as a result of theft or robbery during the working schedule for use of the Areas. Security is provided for the Exhibit during non-business hours.

3. The Exhibitor is obliged to:

  • In the event that the stand structure is constructed by the Exhibitor or by an external construction company, to submit to BulX for coordination - the designs for the stand layout, construction and artwork, accompanied by technical data no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the start date of the rental of the space to the EXHIBITOR.

  • To prepare and send to BulX for approval by IEC a booth design no later than 20.08.2023

  • The booth design shall be confirmed by BulX only when formal approval has been received from IEC. 

  • In case the EXHIBITOR will carry out the construction of their stand by themselves, they must sign a construction contract with BulX according to the IEC model. 

  • In case the EXHIBITOR uses an external construction company, it shall enter into a construction contract with BulX. 

  • To use the areas and/or equipment provided to them only for the intended purpose with the care of a good steward, and they shall be liable for compensation for any damage (intentional or negligent). The same applies to any damage caused by third parties in connection with the preparation or holding of the Exhibition, with whom BulX has no direct legal relationship.

  • To vacate the rented areas and/or exhibition stands within the time limit provided by BulX prior to the Exhibition. 

  • To organise the transport and insurance of the exhibits, in case they wish to insure them against possible risks. 

  • To present only goods that are not prohibited by law and in a manner that will not result in sanctions under current Bulgarian legislation.

  • To exhibit only in the exhibition hall (Hall 2) designated for the Exhibition. Exhibits and things presented in the Exhibition should meet the technical requirements of the hall for weight, length, width, height, etc. - agreed with IEC. 

  • To observe the absolute prohibition of smoking in the halls and indoor areas of the Inter Expo and Convention Center Complex.

  • Comply with the working schedule provided by BulX prior to the exhibition. Staying in the parking lot on the IEC grounds is only allowed during working hours. In the event of a violation and unauthorized stay of the EXHIBITOR's vehicles, all charges will be assessed to the EXHIBITOR for payment.

  • To comply with work safety, public order and noise and public nuisance regulations and to conduct its business in accordance with the provisions of the OSH, SRH, safety engineering regulations and the requirements of the municipal and tax authorities.

  • Comply with all necessary prescriptions of the information provided by BulX (recommendations, schemes, prescriptions and obligations) in the event that the Exhibition is held under the conditions of an epidemic emergency or under other exceptional circumstances requiring compliance with special prescriptions given by the competent public authorities.

4. Each exhibitor shall pay a reservation fee (deposit) equal to 30% of the total price of the selected package. The balance of 70% is due no later than one month prior to the exhibition or as per the terms specified in the relevant proforma invoice/invoice sent to the Exhibitor by BulX. 

5. Prices do not include VAT. 20% VAT will be charged on sales in Bulgaria. Sales in the EU and other third countries are not subject to VAT. 

6. Rental of additional and technical equipment in the exhibition hall, technical means, etc. are subject to additional agreement. Equipment can only be rented by companies requesting Deluxe and All Inclusive packages, Economy stands are not built by the IEC and therefore cannot require equipment (in the form of furniture, lighting, additional structures, etc.) from them. There will be an option for Economy packages to rent basic furniture from BulX. 

7. Areas may be used outside of the hours specified by BulX. BulX will provide this facility at a cost of EUR 300 (three hundred) excluding VAT per hour.

8. Technical service activities relating to electrical connections, water connection and duct, telephone and Internet connections during the exhibition may only be carried out by competent IEC employees. A complete list of technical services can be found here. 

9. Construction and assembly works on the premises of the IEC complex may only be carried out after a construction contract has been signed between BulX and the relevant construction organisation or the EXHIBITOR.

  • The construction contract shall be drawn up according to the IEC template and the requirements for design and construction in the exhibition halls of the INTER EXPO CENTRE AND CONGRESS CENTRE complex, attached as a file here, shall be complied with.

  • Construction contracts executed between BULX and the EXHIBITOR and/or builders shall be signed no later than September 1, 2023. Designs shall include a plan with noted telephone, internet, water, electrical, duct and air terminals, views-front, side and elevation of elements, a drawing with noted points and suspension weights on the metal structure. In the event that the EXHIBITOR fails to submit the designs for approval within the time limit specified above, the EXHIBITOR shall be liable to BULX for a penalty of EUR 1.00 (one) excluding VAT per square metre on the exhibition space requested.

  • BULH shall be obliged to submit the comments to IEC thereon within 5 (five) working days after receipt thereof, in case the time limit of the above clause is met. In the event of comments on the submitted designs and the need for corrections thereto, the DEVELOPER and/or the builders shall be obliged to send the requested corrections within 5 (five) working days.

  • It is the responsibility of the EXHIBITOR to inform BulX in writing by 20.08. if and at what times a forklift (crane or other equipment for erecting the stands) will be needed on the days of erection and dismantling. BulX will prepare and provide the EXHIBITOR with a final time schedule after coordinating the schedule with the IEC. BulH will make every effort to accommodate the EXHIBITOR's wishes, and time ranges will be prioritized according to the date of submission of information to BulX by the EXHIBITOR - priority will be given to exhibitors submitting their desired times at an earlier date. 

  • The EXHIBITOR will be billed for unbundling and clean-up of panels not branded by IEC.

  • The EXHIBITOR shall conduct the required OSHA instruction and training of its employees and or who will be working in the areas, to familiarize them with the possible hazards to the safe performance of their activities, in accordance with an initial briefing program; Provide distinctive work attire, personal protective equipment, and standard and safe facilities and equipment necessary for the performance of its employees' activities; Require and monitor compliance with all applicable OSHA legislation, fire and emergency safety regulations

9. BULX shall not be liable in the event that any exhibits, promotional materials and/or information submitted by exhibitors violate the requirements of applicable intellectual property protection laws.  

10. The rights of the exclusive forwarder on the territory of the Inter Expo and Convention Center Complex, Riga, Bulgaria. EXPO LOGISTIK EOOD, Sofia, are delegated to the trading company EXPO LOGISTIK EOOD, Sofia. 

10. In the event that the Exhibition is cancelled due to force majeure (including prohibition of an official state body from holding such type of events, epidemiological situation, etc.), the Parties may agree that the Exhibition shall be held on another date or terminate the validity of this Contract, in which case they shall settle their financial relations depending on the performance of the Contract up to the date of its termination.

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